19 CPD accredited e-Learning modules to keep your business growing and learning

Our eLearning provides your employees with the practical information to effectively deal with the sort of health and safety issues they're likely to encounter at work.

All courses are available via mobile devices so they can be accessed no matter where your staff are. You can access the online training portal both as an administrator, where you can manage your staff accounts, and as a user - so you can try out all the courses for yourself.


Our courses are approved by RoSPA and fully accredited by CPD. Our Approved Partner Status enables us to also offer the prestigious NOS (National Occupational Standards) certificate option. This means that any staff working towards an NVQ qualification, such as apprentices, can claim Accreditation of Prior Learning (APL) reducing the cost of their assessment and speeding up the accreditation process.

Our eLearning Service:

  • Designed to make learning easy, enjoyable and effective, courses cover a range of health & safety training
  • Reduce cost of formal assessment, speed up accreditation process, compliments in-house training
  • Contribute to formal qualification/licensing e.g. apprentices, operational staff, promotions, skills upgrades